You've seen the main welcome page, I assume. Here is some additional basic information about this website. See the Credits page for info on the people behind this.

Which text is being said by whom?

Most text on this site is quoted from other sources. In all such cases, the citations are present. Everything else are words from this website's creators, almost entirely Bryan's (99.999999%). If you follow us over on Facebook, Ryan is making the posts there.


To help you figure out who said what, we have attempted to apply some consistent formatting in each chapter. Ryan is primarily the one double-checking this and applying these rules as he, himself, is using the website for personal study. As of this writing (Sept '14), Ryan completed the Book of Mormon and most of the D&C and will move on to the PoGP, then the Bible after that. If you find pages not adhering to this format, please be patient and don't send typo messages until Ryan has had a chance to go over every page himself. Other typos are welcome!

  • Any non-indented text should be the words of the website authors - primarily Bryan Richards. Ryan has only made a handful of comments.
  • Text from articles or manuals are indented with a citation at the end. These may contain other quotes within them and will cite sources themselves. You can think of these as copy/paste from those sources.
  • Text attributable to General Authorities or historical figures will have a heading of that person's name followed by the quoted text indented.
  • Some quotes embedded in other quotes will be indented further, as needed. For example, if a General Authority quotes someone else, or the scriptures, those will be double-indented.
  • Punctuation as found in the original was used. We do not add quotation marks around quotes. If the original had them, they are there. Indentation is our way of signifying quotations.

Suggestions and Comments

We do read all feedback that you send to us. We both are really busy and may not always respond personally.

If you send us a suggestion for a change to the physical properties of the website, that would by Ryan's area and, being busy, you may not see your change implemented soon or at all. However, these suggestions are stored in a list so when Ryan does have time for making modifications, he can look them over and see which he could implement.

If you send suggestions for changes to the commentary, then that would be Bryan's area. If, for example, you offer an alternative view, which he doesn't feel contradicts doctrine from the brethren, he may add your thoughts or quotes you have shared. But he is busy too and would probably rather fill in the gaps with the Old Testament with his time at the moment.

In any case, still send us your feedback. We will do with it what we can.