Sacred Hymns in a Classical Style

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1. Claire d' Enfant

Spanish translations coming soon

We have someone who has begun translating the Book of Mormon pages. We will begin to update them as they are finished. In anticipation of that, we have added the widget that will allow you to select the language you want to see. Be looking for 1 Nephi 1 as an indicator of when things start.

Site refreshed for 2017

Four years to the day, we are releasing a refresh of the website. All of the same content is here, but the underlying structure has changed somewhat. The primary benefit of this is that the website is now quite usable via phones and other mobile devices. There a a few things that still need work, but we think that the overall experience will be better. As usual, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Just use the contact form, under the About/Contact menu item to reach us.

Two points I should mention so I don't get a ton of email about them...

  1. The module I used before so that the book menus are fully fleshed out and have the open/close functionality wasn't ported to the new version of our underlying system yet. If the original author is too slow, I'll update it myself as soon as I can.
  2. The nifty link at the top of each scripture page (on the old site) which linked to the scriptures on will have to be redone as well. I was the author of that, but it was using a method no longer supported in the new version of our underlying system, for security reasons. I will write a proper module to take its place.

For mobile users, take care to notice the Book Menu. It will start in a collapsed state so that you don't have to scroll too far down to start reading, and you must manually open it by pressing the grey plus icon. Because of item 1 above, you may need to use it a couple of times to get to the page you want. Example, once in the Book of Mormon, you'll have to go first to 1 Nephi through that menu, then open it again to go to the chapter you want. This is a temporary inconvenience. Sorry about that.

--Ryan Constantine



This website is designed to assist teachers and students of the gospel. The format is set up to provide more information on the most important topics in any given chapter of scripture. Specific quotes from the General Authorities are given to confirm the validity of the doctrine being taught and to provide good quotes for use in classes and talks. It is recommended that the reader read the commentary for the entire chapter, especially if looking for commentary on a phrase or verse that was not specifically referenced. If the same topic was dealt with elsewhere in the chapter, it may be discussed at length in another section.

It is the experience of the author/editor of this website that too many Sunday School classes and gospel discussions focus on the same superficial concepts, year after year. In the scriptures, there are a lot of profound truths which can help us understand God and how He would like us to live. Unfortunately, these are rarely brought into the discussion. Sometimes teachers are faced with teaching a myriad of different possible topics and make the mistake of trying to cover all of them or else they cover the less important subjects. It is hoped that this website will help improve gospel lessons, improve personal scripture study, and improve access to the doctrines of the Church.

One might argue that this website offers nothing new, that doctrinal commentary books have already been written and by more credible authors. This statement is true. There has been a great body of literature written to help us understand the scriptures. What makes this work unique is its availability on the internet; it is free, and it provides a collection of quotes from many different sources to paint a crystal clear picture of what the prophets are teaching. Decide for yourself whether it has any value. If you have any comments or criticisms (particularly if you're sure that false doctrine is being taught on this website), please let me know via the contact form.

Lastly, I need to explain the big picture for this website. We are pleased to announce that every chapter of the New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price has complete commentary.  Not so with the Old Testament.   While trying to keep the website up to date with recent conference material, we are also trying to finish a complete commentary on every Old Testament chapter.  However, since it has taken 12 years to produce commentary on the other standard works, the Old Testament will likely take quite some time to complete.  Still, much is already available and useful for review. 

Thanks for your interest in

Bryan Richards


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